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2nd Thursday of the
month at 10.30am
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doors close at 10.30.

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New Milton Programme of Events until June 2017

Next Event:  16 March 2017   -   Special Interest Day
Lecturer: Mark Hill

20th Century Glass: New Markets

Next Monthly Meeting:  Thursday 13 April 2017

AGM 10.15am

followed by

Sticky Tape, Moths and Men: Textile conservation.

Lecturer: Jacqueline Hyman

Our April lecture, Sticky Tape, Moths & Men: textile conservation, aims to serve as a general insight into the work undertaken by a Textile Conservator, outlining the treatments on a variety of different textile items, including dolls, lace, fans, costume and costume accessories, canvas and bead work, embroideries, church vestments and furnishings, and full size tapestries.
A comprehensive selection of interesting slides of before, during and after treatment, show what can be achieved by a specialist knowledge of conservation and repair techniques. The lecture seeks to counsel against untrained action, that, more often than not, exacerbates a problem or ruins an item. The lecturer, Jacqueline Hyman, encourages people to bring textile items in need of repair with them, for discussion at the end of the lecture.

Do join us for what promises to be a very enlightening and entertaining lecture on Thursday 13 April. This lecture will be preceded by the society's AGM at 10.15 and coffee will be served from 9.45 Venue: New Milton Memorial Centre, Whitefield Road. Visitors welcome (£6). For further information phone Peter Ronan on 01425 638200.

         Rosemary Hancock

Next Day Visit:  Tuesday 23 May 2017

Jane has taken bookings for the visit to Rodmarton Manor, you can still put your name on the waiting list.
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8 September 2016

Lecturer: Professor Marie Conte-Helm OBE

'Masterpieces in Chinese Landscape Painting'.

Discover this less well known genre of painting as she charts the development and evolution of this important tradition, and its essential elements of mountains and water, or 'shan sui'.

By introducing a range of examples from different periods, the lecture will reveal ways of 'reading' Chinese landscape painting, and understanding the differences in content, style and philosophical inspiration that have contributed to this unique artistic genre.

13 October 2016
Lecturer: Dr Paula Nutall

The Bruges of van Eyck and Memling.

Many of you will have visited the Flemish city of Bruges, with its medieval architecture and circuitous canals as this 'Venice of the North' has been hugely popular with tourists since the nineteenth century.
It may be that van Eyck's painting The Arnolfini Marriage (1434) is one of your favourites in the National Gallery, London, home also to several religious paintings and portraits by his contemporary, Memling, e.g. the Virgin and Child (c.1475).
In this lecture Dr Paula Nuttall will take us back to fifteenth century Bruges - its golden age - where both the German Hans Memling (c.1430-1494), leading painter of his day, and the Dutch Jan van Eyck (c.1390-1441), credited, incidentally, for inventing oil painting, lived and prospered.

10 November 2016
Lecturer: Vivienne Lawes

Boldness and Theatricality: Baroque

Baroque style spanned the whole of the 17th century and beyond, a period in which notions of the exotic and the dramatic found fertile intellectual ground. This was reflected in the fine and decorative arts, from the virtuoso sculpture of Bernini , the floral marquetry of Northern European furniture and the auricular style of the silver creations of the brilliant van Vianen brothers, to the English court style of William and Mary under the rigorous eye of Daniel Marot. It was also the period in which conscious appreciation of everyday objects as 'antiques' germinated.
In her lecture, Vivienne Lawes will explore the intellectual climate and the stylistic motifs that made the Baroque such a long-lived international style.

8 December 2016
Lecturer: Dr Rosamund Bartlett

Father Frost and Old New Year: Russia

In seasonal spirit, our December lecture Father Frost & Old New Year: Russia will introduce us to the festive customs observed in times past and present of a country whose mid-winter traditions are likely to be unfamiliar.
Does Father Frost have anything in common with Father Christmas? What are his origins? Is he always a jolly sort of chap or does he have a sinister side? What is meant by the old New Year? Is it still celebrated?
Dr Rosamund Bartlett, a cultural historian with expertise in Russian literature, music, and art, will provide answers to these and any other questions you may have!

12 January 2017
Lecturer: Clive Stewart-Lockhart

Edward Barnsley and Ernest Gimson: Cabinet Makers

Our first lecture of the new year will be given by Clive Stewart-Lockhart of Antiques Roadshow fame, on the subject of Edward Barnsley & Ernest Gimson: Cabinet Makers. It's definitely a must for the 2017 diaries of those who are AR fans, and anyone with an interest in the Arts and Crafts movement in Britain in the early twentieth century!

Barnsley (1900-1987) was both a designer and maker of furniture. Probably the best known of his work is the archbishop's throne and lectern in Canterbury Cathedral. Gimson (1864 -1919), an architect as well as furniture designer, was described by the art critic Nikolaus Pevsner as "the greatest of the English architect-designers".

9 February 2017
Lecturer: Nicola Moorby

River of England: Turner and the Thames

The subject of our February lecture River of England: Turner and the Thames is bound to be popular with art-lovers. The speaker will be Nicola Moorby, an art historian specialising in British Art of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, curator of exhibitions for Tate Britain, and author of How to Paint Like Turner (2010).

J.M.W. Turner (1775- 1851), considered a controversial figure in his day, is now regarded as the artist who elevated landscape painting to an eminence rivalling history painting, and one of the greatest artists Britain has ever produced. What better as a prelude to (re-)visiting room 5 ('Turner and the Thames') at Tate Britain than to come along to what is sure to be a very insightful lecture on the later period of this prolific painter's work?

9 March 2017
Lecturer: Dr Sarah Pearson

Amazing Architecture: from the Sublime to the Ridiculed.

The rather intriguing title of our March lecture is Amazing Architecture: from the Sublime to the Ridiculed, and will be given by Dr Sarah Pearson, a specialist in architectural history. The lecture will introduce us to some of the most extraordinary architectural constructions ever created, both historically and in the modern era. It will provide an enjoyable introduction to architecture as a subject, and will present a number of styles and building types to the audience.

16 March 2017   -   Special Interest Day

Lecturer: Mark Hill

20th Century Glass: New Markets

11 May 2017
Lecturer: Mary Rose Rivett-Carnac

Discover the Paintings You Own: the Public Catalogue Foundation

8 June 2017
Lecturer: Elizabeth Merry

Jane Austin in Bath

16 March 2017

Special Interest Day

Lecturer: Mark Hill

20th Century Glass: New Markets